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We love supporting USA made products, more than that, we love supporting Minnesota businesses! So please welcome back to our shop, Softbums.


Now that Softbums has snap closures available in both their diaper covers, plus a better design and quality, I am happy to have their brand back on my shelves! We will stock the Softbums covers with snap closures only as the veclro is less than reliable. Now let’s chat about what makes the Softbums different from other diapers.


Softbums has inserts that snap in by the back of the diaper. This secures the insert while baby maybe wiggling and squirming on the changing table making for a quicker diaper change. Softbums are also a one-size diaper. They can be sized by adjusting 2 toggles located in an opening in the front of the diaper. Using the toggles to adjust the leg elastic size can be a little tricky at first, but once you figure that out, you can easily get a custom fit for any baby body size. Two cover options are available, the Echo and the Omni. The Echo cover is a cover that can be reused. Inside the cover it is lined with fleece so it is not wipe-able, but the fleece does make for a comfortable fit on babies. The Omni is a little larger than the Echo and is open in the back so you can choose from snapping in an insert to use it as a cover or putting the insert in the pocket to use as a pocket diaper.
Softbums, 2 kids

Both the Omni and the Echo are very soft and comfortable for baby to wear. If you want a cover to fit your baby right after birth, the Echo is for you. It is smaller so it will fit earlier that most one-size covers, but that does mean it will be a little smaller after 25+lbs. The Echo fits smaller inserts inside better, since it is so trim. For a bigger fit, try the Omni. The Omni can fit over most any insert or prefold. It will be bigger on newborns, but it will fit till potty training. Remember, with both covers you can get the Softbums inserts that snap in or use whatever you prefer inside.


Softbums 1 kid

Have you tried Softbums yet? Let us know if you have any questions about the Softbums diapers. We have used these diapers with our kids so can answer any questions you may have about them. Give these a try, especially if you love supporting Minnesota businesses! You can check these diapers out here.