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After 6 years of using cloth diapers, and trying over 40 different types, I’ve experienced all the good and bad that cloth diapering can throw at me. By far my biggest pet peeve, diapers that just don’t work. You know the diapers I’m taking about, the ones that leak all the time (because they are made of poor quality materials), fit like a huge pillow butt, cause nasty red marks, or are unusable after only 2 months of use.  These diapers are bad for the Cloth Diapering name.  Parents who really want to try cloth diapers may get their hands on these poorly made and bad fitting diapers and have a negative experience using cloth. They may even give up on cloth diapering altogether. Hopefully our new brand NEET can prove to parents that cloth diapering can, not just save you money, but be enjoyable!

When Little Neetchers was born 3 1/2 years ago, my initial dream was to create really great reliable and extremely functional products. It took me a while to find the space and time for designing and trying out patterns. Oh, and then there was the little problem that I can’t sew. After meeting with the stay at home dad who sows the nursing pads and comfort packs we sell we struck up a partnership! I had the ideas and concepts and he had the machines and fabric knowledge. And so NEET was born.

We have already been selling our NEET Hemp Soakers (which are AWESOME at night), but we wanted to introduce you to our new covers! After the crazy amount of time I have spent in the last year thinking about our new NEET One-size covers, picking prints, testing and adjusting the pattern, I feel like a little bragging is definitely in order.

NEET covers and soaker

First thing you may notice, Velcro closures. Yes, that’s right, I chose Velcro (or Touch Tape to be exact). Now before you give me grief, let me explain why. Very early in my cloth diapering experience I fell OUT of love with velcro.  It wasn’t till the last year or so that I noticed 2 diapers in our stash who’s velcro still worked amazingly after having them for almost 3 years. One is the Tot’s Bots Easy Fit diaper, the other (no longer being manufactured), the Wonder Wrap. These are the diapers I now reach for first. They are quick and easy to put on, especially with mobile babies. Over the last several months I tried to figure out what made these velcros different. Here’s my conclusions:

  • Wider velcro. 1 1/2″ as opposed to the average under 1″. This helps the velcro stay stuck to the laundry tabs and decrease it’s tendency to curl.
  • Velcro without fabric on top. Even wider velcro that has fabric on top will curl. When the fabric shrinks and curls through washing, it takes the velcro with it.
  • Laundry tab placement. Laundry tabs are often too far from the velcro closures. This makes it hard for the velcro to stick to the tabs. If the velcro doesn’t stick to the laundry tabs, your velcro is doomed. Then it’s free to snag on anything and curl up without the tab to help it hold it’s shape.
  • Quality of velcro. Poor quality velcro will fall off the diaper as it disintegrates where it is stitched on the diaper after repeated washing.

Neet laundry tabs

NEET Velcro & Laundry tabs on top (looks great after 3 months of use). Bum Genius velcro (brand new, never used).

Now, you may consider me nit picky about  this, but that’s OK. I did my research to make a great diaper, with the best and easiest to use closure.  That’s velcro. Easy during the day or night, easy for babysitters or daycare workers or anyone who doesn’t use cloth diapers regularly. Also, getting the best fit with your diapers is much easier with velcro, and since we’ve done our research and chosen the right kind of velcro and design, you won’t have to worry about it wearing out.

Second thing I hope you notice are the lovely cotton prints. I’ve chatted about the upcoming prints already, so I won’t say much more, just that I love having super cute prints on my baby’s bottom and the soft natural feel of 100% cotton. On the inside and around the legs is the soft side of the waterproof (PUL) fabric. No plastic or sticky feeling and it can still be easily washed off or spot cleaned.

Back of NEET cover

Third boast is the nice thick back elastic. When the diaper is velcro-ed on, the back elastic will lay flat and comfortably against baby’s back and not bunched up like most backs of diapers. This creates a nice trim look as well as a soft barrier that keeps anything from coming out the back of the cover. Of course, with the elastic laying flat, there are absolutely no red marks at baby’s waist.

Nice fit, comfortable, trim, cute prints, soft inside, easy to use, made locally here in Duluth, sown by a stay at home dad, and designed by a nit picky mom with lots of cloth diapering experience.  How can you say no to this cover? Stay tuned for it’s debut in the next couple weeks as we reveal all the prints and the new Hemp Soaker sizes. Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of our 10% off deal (you can find the coupon code on our site or FB page), our way of saying Happy Holidays to you all!