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It’s time to open a can of creativity and start a fight. No more excuses due to my lack of confidence in my business skills and knowledge. Sure, it’s easy to blame anyone or anything for my business not being as successful as I’d like it to be. Excuses are unlimited. The biggest excuse out there, big box stores and huge online businesses.  They are the problem, right? If they didn’t exist, people would naturally flock to my store and other small businesses to get their stuff. Maybe.

It’s the same old story of David and Goliath. Little man against a giant. What I pull out of this story isn’t that the small guy won and that I’ll some how conquer these giants. The nugget that I’m looking at, is that the small guy used unconventional means to win. Hand to hand combat would have been a bad idea. As a small business owner, my only chance is to fight using unconventional means. No excuses, just fighting with creativity. This is the challenging (or maybe brave would be a better word) stuff that I’m learning business is about. Thinking outside every box. I don’t think the entrepreneurial spirit can emerge without a good unfair fight or two (maybe more as I’m sure I’ll find out).

To me, being an entrepreneur means having creativity and courage squeezed out through necessity. That’s the heart of a small business owner. I’m not there yet, heck I can hardly spell entrepreneur, but I got a couple stones I’m willing to throw.

What’s next for us? Meet NEET! For those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to NEET, let me formally introduce you to our very own brand, NEET products. Any of our NEET products are born out of our years of cloth diapering experience and will be made here in Duluth! We currently only make the Hemp Soakers. These were originally meant to be used as the ultimate in absorbency for nighttime use, but now we will be changing a couple things. These changes will allow them to fit perfectly in the newborn diapers (by making a Newborn size), have a better design so they will fit in any diaper cover, and have a softer top layer. I can’t wait for these changes, you’re going to love them! Also, after over a year of testing and redesigning, we will soon be unveiling our NEET One-size diaper cover!

These covers will sport too cool cotton prints on top of a waterproof fabric. They will      have our absolute favorite attributes from the over 40 different diapers we have tried. And guess what? These designer print covers will also be available in a set with a matching baby tee, be hand made here in Duluth by a very talented stay at home dad, and be so cool you won’t want to put pants on your kid!

We love that as a small business we have the ability to create neat handmade items that people want, while supporting other small businesses in the process. Plus, we get to know our customers wants and needs much sooner than big stores because we actually know our customers and talk with them, with you, in person. Customer service that happens through a relationship (we care about how our customers feel), and product knowledge (we actually use what we sell!), is what we really like.

Thanks for helping us lob stones at the giants. Please stay tuned for our unveiling of the NEET one-size cover (these 2 pictures giving you a sneak peak at 2 of the fabrics we will be using), and matching Tees. We can’t wait to see what you think!