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You may have heard us say this before, “we are not just about selling diapers”. Well, it’s true! Not only do we love partnering with parents who use cloth diapers by giving them the help and tips they need when they need it, but a percentage of all of our sales go to a great cause. Let me tell you about it!

Little Neetchers actively supports The Child Survival Program through Compassion International. We decided to support this program because it lined up with our values as owners and part of what we want our business to be about.  The Child Survival Program helps save the lives of babies and mothers in poverty by utilizing local churches to assist mothers of at-risk infants and toddlers. Mothers can give their children a fighting chance for healthy development, reducing infant and child mortality, with the supplies and training provided by this program. This program helps mothers and babies by:

• Preventing illness. Regular prenatal and postnatal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. Regular doctor visits and immunizations also keep infants healthy and happy.

• Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.

• Providing training. Teaching mothers and caregivers how to properly stimulate their children mentally and physically improves the child’s socioemotional skills and cognitive development.

• Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and job-skills are just a few of the topics the Child Survival Program training includes.

Man, isn’t this great! It’s hard for me to imagine a life where I did not go to a ton of prenatal doctor visits, or taking vitamins, or even getting enough food while pregnant to give my baby a healthy start. I’m so glad we can help some mothers get what they need to be healthy and have healthy babies!

Recently, we received an update from the specific program we support in Kayunga Uganda. Here’s a small part of what the letter said:

“The standards of living for our once very poor caregivers have improved so much, that out of over 50 children we registered due to malnutrition and it’s effects, there is no single child who continued to suffer the consequences of malnutrition. Malnutrition is now history for these children. Amazingly these children are more confident, brighter and even adapt easily to new situations compared to those that were not part of the Child Survival Program. It is because of the Child Survival Program that these children have been able to escape the jaws of death by malaria as they access proper medical care and are even able to have a visit by a doctor every four months. We thank God that we lost NONE of the children to any childhood illness, thanks to our sponsors and donors who send timely support to help us intervene in the lives of children so early.”

Wow! We forward this thanks from Rev. Moses Kabugo to all of you who have supported our business and allowed us to be a part of a great story. Thanks!